Monday, April 9, 2012


By now you all know we are home again. Some times I wonder why. It is still too cold for me but Brenda likes it. I have been sick way too much . I don't know if its from the cold or doing too much. What ever it is I'm not liking all these migraines.

We ended up traveling 12982 Kilometers That is 8113 miles.

On the way down to Mexico 3862 Kilometers.
That is 2414 miles.

In Mexico 5713 Kilometers
That's 3570 miles.

On the way home 3407 Kilometers
That's 2129 miles.

We spent a total of 3219 dollars on gas.

On the way down $654

Mexico $1297

On the way home $1268

We went almost 300 miles farther on the way down compared to the way home but used almost twice as much gas. 2 reasons for this. First on the way down we didn't drive over 60 miles an hour most of the time never went over 55. On the way home we drove 65 to 70 miles an hour most of the time I would set the cruise control at 68. Second, the price of gas was almost a dollar a gallon cheaper on the way down. It was from 2.95 to 3.29 on the way down, on the way home it was 3.67 to 4.29.  

It just shows how much gas you can use by pushing it.

For the summer we will be doing some traveling in northern Ontario but not much in the US.    Next year we want to spend six months in the warm weather.   Because of the provincial  health insurance we can only be out of Canada for 6 months per calendar year. (actually we have to find out exactly how that works still) And with the both of us being sick it doesn't make sense to us to gamble with our health care. Some people do stay out longer and never seem to get caught but I have also known people who were caught, and they had no fun getting it back.  We will be going to Mexico again. But we haven't decided where we will be going yet.  If you have any suggestions for next years trip please email us at , or post here on the blog.  What we will not be doing is spending too much time in one place, or driving too much at one time.

There is a lot to see in Mexico and we plan on seeing as much as we can.  The only thing I know we both want to do for sure is go back to the Turtle sanctuary in Colola, on the Michoacan coast.  That might be for 3 weeks but it might not be that long.  1 week would be the shortest time we will be there.  I even bought a generator just for that part of the trip because they have no electricity there.  We can survive with out one but it will make it a lot easier then just depending on the solar.   We won't use it much, but if it gets too hot we could turn on the air.  And the other thing we are looking for is a smart car to use as a tow vehicle.  I think we have decided on a smart car, maybe Brenda has a different idea.  But for sure we want some kind of a vehicle to tow.  We found that by not having one we missed out on some exploring that we wanted to do but couldn't drive Myrtle.  In a lot of small towns the streets are way too narrow or we didn't head down some roads because we might have to back out because turning an RV around you need a lot of room with a small car we could turn around any place.  Also, we can save on gas in Mexico by not having to drive Myrtle everywhere we go.   We will be able to leave her in one spot, and take the smart car that gets much much better mileage on excursions.

We certainly have a lot of planning to do...our trip home for one really showed us that. 

I would like to thank you all for following us on our first adventure.We well be leaving for Mexico around November first again so if you want to follow us again next year check back then or email us and I well let you know when we take off again.  During the summer we plan on seeing some of Ontario.  We will be Blogging on those trips and we have some changes to make on Myrtle so I will let you know about them.

You know what the most often question I have been asked since being home is "You really didn't have any problems with the motor home in all that travel?"   Well we didn't. For an old RV 1988 she ran great!

So thanks again for following and we hope to see you back again.

Just one added note we made a total of 36 dollars off of our Blog.This was made by people clicking on our advertisements So in my opinion you well never make a lot but it is free money.So if you have a blog sign up for adsence and forget about it.