Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Orleans

We met my sister Bernita  in New Orleans for a vacation on the way home.   What a blast!   We spent six days, and got a lot of touristy things in.    I am going to do a separate blog for the Air Boat Swamp tour, because I have so many awesome pictures I just haven't chosen which ones to use.    My sister Bernita went through all our pictures and picked out the 53 I am posting here.  :).  So hard to choose!

I uploaded all these pictures a month or more ago, and have been trying to get Bernita to do all the commenting.    So much time has passed and neither one of us has found the time to do it yet, so I figured better to post the pictures without commentary than not post it at all.    We had a blast, and I highly recommend a visit to New Orleans, but  be careful, I couldn't stay any longer or the drinking would kill me!   Hope you like the photos.

Yes...those are bones....human remains can be seen when you peer into broken graves. 

They pack em in!   The music was phenomenal!