Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Winterhaven Yuma prison and Mexico

Another sunset I have had a few bad days Migraines have been getting me again. In between we have been trying to stay busy there is so much to do and see around here I am sure we can find something different every day. 

2 days ago we went to Yuma Territorial prison, the one that the movie was about 310 Yuma.July 1st 1876 the first 7 prisoners were locked in the prison that they had built.  It was in operation for 33 years and had a total of 3069 prisoners including 29 women. Most prisoners only served a portion of their sentences  due to the ease with which paroles and pardons were obtained. 111 prisoners died while serving their sentences, most from  tuberculosis. School was available and it housed the first public library in the territory. This is the guard tower which was built over the water storage.

The entrance the wagon pulled in the gates closed and prisoners were let out of the wagon then entered the prison through a small door.

Leg irons.

Gatling gun that was used on a few prison escapes.

And the cells

6 prisoners to a cell no toilets just a pail.   Imagine what it must have smelled like with temperatures over 100 F in the summer.  They had a bath once a week and were punished if they didn't.

This was the punishment for breaking the rules.   You were put in the dark room.   There was a cage 6 feet by 9 feet and you did not even get a pail for the bathroom and it did not matter how many were in there at one time.   Lots only broke the rules once.

This was the women's cell, a little better.

 They were between 14 and 88 years old most were white or Mexicans. And most smoked 

This was Pearl Hart she was a Canadian from Lindsay Ontario she was the only woman to rob a stagecoach.Sshe was sentenced to 5 years but was let out on early parole because she was a trouble maker her condition was she had to leave Arizona.

Yesterday we tried to hike to the top of Pilot Knob but we didn't make it.  Brenda's ankle just couldn't climb over the loose rocks. 

I stepped on this thorn and it went right through the sole of my shoe and stuck in the bottom of my foot. You think that didn't hurt you should of seen me dancing around on one foot till I could get that shoe off. I had no idea what was causing all that pain so I was scared to stick my hand in the shoe to feel what it was. My mind was thinking a spider or a killer ant or something.   I did have a good laugh at myself over that. 

After the failed hill climb we started to walk around the mountain we might of made it half way another day we will go in the opposite direction to see if we can get around it.

That smoke is in Mexico that is how close we are to the boarder.

This morning we went to Mexico we drove to the border and walked in. I guess this is where every one goes if they need dental or Glasses. Every store was a dental office or eye glasses and some had both. I wouldn't be surprised if there were over 100 of each of them in the first few blocks. And every one had the usual guys out side trying to get you to go in every one. Brenda went in for a pair of glasses at home they cost her 600 and here she can get a pair for 95. I was talking to a guy that just came from his dentist it cost him 495 dollars for 2 crowns and 2 fillings. I see why every one goes there. I couldn't take the crowds and walked to the real Mexican part of town no paved roads, chickens in the streets. This sure is not my idea of Mexico I didn't like this place too much.

We saw the border wall and went and walked along it for a bit 

You could see where people had climbed over it where the rust was scraped off you could even see shoe prints on the rust. Wounder how many go into the US every day.

We wandered around for awhile then headed back. 

This was the warmest day so far into the 80s and even now at 10.30 it's still 70.   it could stay like this for the rest of winter but that's not going happen they are saying next week mid 60's.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Still in Pilot Knob

Sun set the day before yesterday.

Sunset yesterday.

Yesterday we went to the Imperial Sand dunes. They can be seen from our campground. In fact some of the Star Wars films, Resident Evil, Flight of the Phoenix and others were shot here. They are around 40 miles long and 5 miles wide. The black in the back of the picture is the wall between the US and Mexico.

They were real special we even have a video of me running and jumping off them. If we had more internet I would post it maybe in the future.

Lots of people were camping near them they all have dune buggy's and 4 wheeler s sure looks fun If I ever come back here think I might have to bring one with me.

Here she comes

It was a lot of fun but I did find out how out of shape I am. 

I couldn't even here her swearing coming down them. She must have liked it.

Then we went for a drive to sidewinder pass.

This is about 10 miles back in the desert. And we came to these hills so we drove to them. Sure glade we have the Tracker.

I even got to climb the mountain still need a side kick for these kind of adventures. Brenda does not like to climb.

Thought I saw something move in this cave so had to look but never saw anything could have been a pack rat that was back in where I couldn't see it.

There was all kinds of twigs and seeds inside.

This is what we were driving on nice trail.

Then today we decided to see if we could get to the wall between the US and Mexico. We drove back behind the camp ground and came to this canal where the wall should have been. And the sand was way to soft was almost stuck back here a couple of times.

That is Mexico on the other side. A guy told me the wall is just in the dunes not sure if he knew what he was talking about. We could see where some people climbed down and came across holding onto the rope.

You could see the foot prints in the sand and tire tracks and you could tell they got into a vehicle that must have been waiting for them.

Then we came across this place its near our camp ground. Some one had lived here at one time.

There was all kinds of writing on the walls some even made sense.

I liked the one watch out for snakes and who wouldn't have been some crazy tourists.

I think who ever lived here liked to drink 

There was hundreds of beer and wine bottles all over the place. Every where you walked there was broken glass.

We will be staying here for awhile sure like the weather a lot better than any other place we have been so far this winter 75 in the day and 45 to 50 at night I can live with that.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pilot Knob

Yesterday we drove to California. Pilot knob rv park. We are maybe 5 miles inside California. As soon as you drive across the border you gain an hour another time zone ya have not gotten use to the last 2. Today we drove across that line 3 times. So now we are 3 hours earlier than at home. Trying to stay up later but the eyes just cant stay open nothing like getting up at 3 am.

Driving over here we finally saw these magnificent cactus not sure what they are called yet some one told me but can not remember.

This is the first time I have seen this  kind of solar system. They are mirrors that shine on a pipe that runs down the center of them they heat up what ever liquid is in the pipe I think it might be water by the amount of steam coming out of the building behind them.I was told they use steam to turn the turbines to make electricity.

There had to be 5 to 10 acres of the mirrors what a great idea.

This is where we are parked We belong to ROD a campground club where you can stay in any of there parks for 2 weeks for free than out for a week and you can go back in for 2 more weeks once a year. 3 quarters of the park is empty yet they act like they have no room for you we are getting so sick of this club we will not be renewing it for next year. If anyone ask me about ROD never waist your money on this club we have had nothing but problems with them this year. And most of the people we have talked to have many complaints.

If you look real hard you can see all kinds of people parked out in the desert. They have areas down here where you can just drive off into the desert and park you can only stay in one place for 2 weeks. then you have to move. Talked to a few people and they just keep moving around. You need to empty your holding tanks and get more water so moving is not a bad thing. They all have solar panels for there electric needs. It cost ether 180 for 6 months or you can pay 40 dollars every 2 weeks. I guess its a cheap way to stay in the warmer weather (except at night time)

Monday, November 30, 2015


This is covering the last 3 days. We moved to Huachuca it was only about 25 miles down the road. We have been doing a lot of hiking. The first day we went to Browns Canyon Ranch It is in a Box Canyon. There is a 5 mile trail the first thing we saw was 6 deer.And that was before we got out of the car.

Down in the valley we saw this blimp no idea what it is for.

The old ranch house.

They had lots of water no idea why they gave it up. Seems to me it would be a good cattle ranch.

We never walked the entire trail but it was a good hike.

Next day we went to an abandoned town. It was an old silver mining area. When the silver ran out every one moved out.

We did the entire 3.7 miles.

This is what most of the trail was like.

First stop was the cemetery.

It was up on top of a hill.

Must have been a rich guy most were just piles of rock.

There was over 100 graves here. And only 2 had names on them so sad it was like they were all forgotten.

This was where the rock crushing hammers were. I guess they ran 24 hours a day and they were so loud you could here them for miles. I do not know if they melted the silver here also there was not much info about it.

This was a deep hole at one time people were lowered into it to dig how crazy I think back then I would have starved to death because there would be no way I would go in one of these.

A bunch of old junk still laying around.

The trail came around to the river they say that is why the mill was here but it was a half mile from the river. So no idea why they did not build closer to the river.

Then today we went to Kartchner Caverns state Park. No way I was going into the caverns so we went for the hike it was only 3.5 miles.

It was a bit harder then the other trails we had done. Up and down hills or mountains.

These circles in the rocks were made by the natives back in the 1300 they think they were used to grind seeds.

And as we are driving out of the place we see a mother deer with 2 fawns. 

Tomorrow we are going to California we here it is warmer there. At night the water freezes it gets that cold here. They say in California it only goes down to the mid 40s hope so.