Friday, December 4, 2015

Still in Pilot Knob

Sun set the day before yesterday.

Sunset yesterday.

Yesterday we went to the Imperial Sand dunes. They can be seen from our campground. In fact some of the Star Wars films, Resident Evil, Flight of the Phoenix and others were shot here. They are around 40 miles long and 5 miles wide. The black in the back of the picture is the wall between the US and Mexico.

They were real special we even have a video of me running and jumping off them. If we had more internet I would post it maybe in the future.

Lots of people were camping near them they all have dune buggy's and 4 wheeler s sure looks fun If I ever come back here think I might have to bring one with me.

Here she comes

It was a lot of fun but I did find out how out of shape I am. 

I couldn't even here her swearing coming down them. She must have liked it.

Then we went for a drive to sidewinder pass.

This is about 10 miles back in the desert. And we came to these hills so we drove to them. Sure glade we have the Tracker.

I even got to climb the mountain still need a side kick for these kind of adventures. Brenda does not like to climb.

Thought I saw something move in this cave so had to look but never saw anything could have been a pack rat that was back in where I couldn't see it.

There was all kinds of twigs and seeds inside.

This is what we were driving on nice trail.

Then today we decided to see if we could get to the wall between the US and Mexico. We drove back behind the camp ground and came to this canal where the wall should have been. And the sand was way to soft was almost stuck back here a couple of times.

That is Mexico on the other side. A guy told me the wall is just in the dunes not sure if he knew what he was talking about. We could see where some people climbed down and came across holding onto the rope.

You could see the foot prints in the sand and tire tracks and you could tell they got into a vehicle that must have been waiting for them.

Then we came across this place its near our camp ground. Some one had lived here at one time.

There was all kinds of writing on the walls some even made sense.

I liked the one watch out for snakes and who wouldn't have been some crazy tourists.

I think who ever lived here liked to drink 

There was hundreds of beer and wine bottles all over the place. Every where you walked there was broken glass.

We will be staying here for awhile sure like the weather a lot better than any other place we have been so far this winter 75 in the day and 45 to 50 at night I can live with that.


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