Sunday, December 14, 2014


This is Gerry just to let every one know we were robbed. We went out Friday night with a bunch from the park for diner and when we got back we found a window was forced open and they had stole  2 computers from me 1 from Lara our good camera Brenda's playbook her phone and some other electronics and some cash. 2 other RV were also broke into and had there computers stolen we lost the most. It was some one from around here because they knew who had gone out because we were the only RV that were robbed. Brenda's computer was in the shop being fixed and it was never fixed but it works a little that is what I am on now I am looking for a new computer. I went yesterday and found a used one but I could not get it to change to English. Does anyone know if you can go into a windows 7 and change the language without a instillation disk. If you know how could you email me at  So I will not be blogging till I find a computer.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Xpu Ha

Today was another do nothing day. This morning we took laundry in to town then went shopping. When we got back the RV was locked so we knew Lara was off someplace. So we decided to walk the beach.

Went to the one end and no sign of her so we headed to the other end.
We came across her chair and back pack but didn't see her.

Ended up she was wandering around the old resort but she did not get to far because they have security guards and she was chased out.

Just a picture of a bird no I don't know what kind it is.

This is my elbow from yesterdays fall the ribs are killing me but only when I breath. So not much today maybe tomorrow we will do something fun.

the ruins of xpu ha

The day before yesterday we did not do much of any thing just hung around camp. I went to the dentist and had a panic attack and had to leave. So yesterday I had to go back and try again. The girls went to Acumal to swim with the Turtles. I guess they saw lots and many fish it sounded like they had a good time.
I went for a walk down the beach and decided to go in the old resort to see how much it has changed from the last time I was here. From what I could see there is not 1 inch of wire left in this place they have cleaned it out. And now there is a buch of graffiti  all over the place.

It has been 8 to 10 years since it was hit by the storm  and some of it is still standing and not bad shape but other parts are just destroyed. the amount of destruction they did to get the wire out was amazing.

This is one of the biggest property's I have been in for a resort It must have been the place to go to for this area.
Some of the graffiti

They even ripped down the ceilings to get the wire out.

They still left the chandelier there is still wire and light bulbs in it.

The jungle is taking it back I wish I had wore shoes so I could go see a lot more of it. Next time.

See how they smashed the wall to get to wire.

And there is still toilet seats that surprises me half the toilets in Mexico have no seats you would think these would have some value but I guess not.

So thats what I did why the girls were diving with the turtles they took no pictures and refused to blog so you are stuck with me.
When they got back I had to go back to the dentist. Well this time I was prepared I took larazopan started at3.3 and took one every half hour. I got to the dentist I think I fell asleep in his chair really don't remember when we left we had to walk up town to find Lara she was in a coffee shop waiting for us. Well on the way there I found myself laying on the ground I have no idea if i tripped or maybe Brenda pushed I had a scraped arm with a bit of blood and my ribs are hurting but only when I breath so I think I might make it. just have to learn to stop breathing.
If we do anything today I will try to post again.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hanging around Xpu Ha

Sorry no blog yesterday all that I did was sit around Sally. Brenda and Lara went to Dos Ojos a cenote and they did not take a camera and refused to blog about it.
My little buddy's the sand crabs.

This is what to day was like dark clouds and rain.

This was neat water bubbling up out of the sand it must have been from all the rain.

And this is what Lara did all day home work she says she got some done I hope so she spent enough time at it.

This was the sun rise.

Peeking out of the dark clouds.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day I am going to the dentist. Brenda said her and Lara are going to have breakfast while I am in the chair then when Brenda goes in Lara and me are going for lunch. My appointment is at 10 and Brenda's is at 11. How much does that girl eat.......And after that I am going to Walmart. I think I am buying an air conditioner just want to check the price at walmart. I found one that goes outside the house and the fan is inside if you know what I am talking about. for just under 300 dollars. They are between 700 and 1200 at home for any that I found.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today was off to Coba. This is the hoop in the ball court.

Not sure how they played the game. It depends on who tells you. Some say the loser's would be killed other say thats not true. There is never much sitting room to watch the game so I wonder how popular it was.

This was a high ruin but you could not climb it. As a matter of fact they have stopped you from going on a lot of them that we were on the last time I was here.

This was a nice one because of the tunnel under the seats.

Short people because it was only about 4 feet tall.

This is a ruins that are spread all over most people rent bikes or pay the locals to pedal them around in the 3 wheeled bikes. Not us we walked. It was a couple of miles.

Another ball court see no seating who watched these games just the King.

These carvings in stone were on the sides of the court.

And this skull was on the ground in the center of the court. What was this there warning if you lose this is what happens to you.

And there are many of these large stones with carvings on them or some made out of plaster.

This is the biggest of them all and you get to go to the top.

It was way above the top of tree's

Me trying to get Lara to the edge just to show how far you could fall. This was it see her right hand still touching the rocks. Chicken....

I thought she was going to slide down on her butt. But look at her so brave.

Check out the ......
I liked this one the best I think it must be a tomb. And it had rounded corners. There is no way to climb it it looks like steps but they are 3.5 to 4 feet apart.

And this one with the pillars not some thing that you see in any ruins that I remember.

And this is the original paint and drawings just think over a thousand years this has held up in this damp climate.

Lara loved this tree she said it was right out of a horror movie.

There was so many of these some were in great Sharp and others you could not make out anything.

And on the way home we had to do some shopping.