Monday, December 8, 2014

Hanging around Xpu Ha

Sorry no blog yesterday all that I did was sit around Sally. Brenda and Lara went to Dos Ojos a cenote and they did not take a camera and refused to blog about it.
My little buddy's the sand crabs.

This is what to day was like dark clouds and rain.

This was neat water bubbling up out of the sand it must have been from all the rain.

And this is what Lara did all day home work she says she got some done I hope so she spent enough time at it.

This was the sun rise.

Peeking out of the dark clouds.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day I am going to the dentist. Brenda said her and Lara are going to have breakfast while I am in the chair then when Brenda goes in Lara and me are going for lunch. My appointment is at 10 and Brenda's is at 11. How much does that girl eat.......And after that I am going to Walmart. I think I am buying an air conditioner just want to check the price at walmart. I found one that goes outside the house and the fan is inside if you know what I am talking about. for just under 300 dollars. They are between 700 and 1200 at home for any that I found.

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