Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Xpu Ha first full day

This is at 7am walking the beach with my coffee. Now isn't this what a beach is suppose to look like not a person in site. And I only found one deer eye I hear they are not here yet.

This is Richard out fishing I have no idea if he caught anything.

And a little sand crab hard at work cleaning his hole.

Around 10.30 we drove to Playa Del Carmen to show Lara what a tourist town is like. You know the kind of place where the shop keepers almost drag you in there stores. For 50 Pesos you can hold a monkey. Just check it out she could not pass it with out holding it.

she did have a fun time with it.

Even the head shot.

And the monkey licking the neck I think it was tickling a bit.

And then there is the Lemur but no holding it I guess the monkey was enough.

The main square decorated with Poinsettias.

After that we drove to Puerto Aventureas for some groceries. And had to have some ice cream. After that we came back to Sally for an afternoon siesta. And that was it for today.


  1. Just have to say........that if no one paid to have their picture taken with those animals, they may not be lucrative slaves to their masters, and they may be living free. Just saying. Glad you are having a good time. Helen

  2. If no one paid what would the owners do let them lose in a country they should not be in. It would be like Florida with the snakes. I think there should be no importing of any animal for pets.

  3. Consumer driven morality all by itself does not work. If it did, none of us would ever shop at Walmart.

    The answer is far more complicated, however, it is true that the consumer can make a difference. A vote cast by actions can be powerful. I admit that I was a little uneasy as I encouraged Gerry to take pictures and paid the man. I am also uneasy thinking about going to Puerto Aventuras to see the dolphins and manatees. They should not be in captivity either.