Thursday, December 4, 2014


This is going to be a strange blog The girls went to Tulum to see the ruins. And I stayed at the camp I just was not up to another day of ruins. I felt like I was over tired so I had a morning siesta and an afternoon siesta. This morning I was up and did my walk on the beach. We had such a hard rain last night that it cleaned up the beach. I was alone for about a half hour till the joggers came out. It was a windy day so around 10 the wind surfers came and the para gliders they were here all day. I did a couple small repair jobs and that was it for the day.
So these are the girls pictures and they want nothing to do with blogging.

It looked like a beautiful day.

I have been to the ruins before they are nice but not my favorite.

These are the only ruins built on the ocean all the other ones are inland.

And there is smiley she is just loving Mexico. She keeps asking me to start a business so she can stay here and run it. And she says she will go to University here to learn Spanish. I just have not come up with a business that I think will work for us.

I think Lara was in charge of the camera because there was way to many of these.

And they found a flower I have not seen before. Or should I say I don't remember seeing before. With all the drugs I am on I could have seen them last week and just don't remember seeing them.

Tomorrow I promise I will do better.

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