Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Xpu Ha

Yesterday I stopped driving at 3.30 pulled into a Mex and said this is where we are staying but I was out voted and they wanted to go farther. So I said that they had to drive so Brenda took over. At about 6 they pulled in a Pemex but they said that we could not stay there. It was getting dark so I had to take over and drive so once again the golden rule was broken driving after dark. It was about minutes till I found another Pemex to stop at and they were fine with us staying there. About 15 minutes after we were set up one of the attendants came over and said we had to pay him 40 US dollars to park there I offered him 40 pesos and he refused. So Brenda came and said the Girl said we could park here and he said she does not under stand we asked her and she said it was OK. He kept saying no we had to pay I told him to go back to his pump and we walked away from him calling him a bandit. And that was the end of it.
We were up and driving before 7am and ended up at Xpu Ha by 9am. Had to wait for some one to move there truck. And the girls went for a walk on the beach by the time they got back I had most of it set up.

This is some of the changes since we were here last time

We were parked where the green German RV is parked.

John got his old site again We ended up in Gerry and Ann's spot they are not coming till the 7Th of January we are leaving the 8th or 9th. so we will have to move for a couple of days.

And the beach looks the same.

I do like this place.

I walked the beach and Peggy was asking how many Deer eyes  I had found I didn't find any. So far this year they have only found 3. And they keep talking about me holding the record for the amount of deer eyes.

The old abandon resort is still there with nothing done to it.

It was cloudy all day but the temp. was 90f and the girls were dying. I loved it.

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