Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today was off to Coba. This is the hoop in the ball court.

Not sure how they played the game. It depends on who tells you. Some say the loser's would be killed other say thats not true. There is never much sitting room to watch the game so I wonder how popular it was.

This was a high ruin but you could not climb it. As a matter of fact they have stopped you from going on a lot of them that we were on the last time I was here.

This was a nice one because of the tunnel under the seats.

Short people because it was only about 4 feet tall.

This is a ruins that are spread all over most people rent bikes or pay the locals to pedal them around in the 3 wheeled bikes. Not us we walked. It was a couple of miles.

Another ball court see no seating who watched these games just the King.

These carvings in stone were on the sides of the court.

And this skull was on the ground in the center of the court. What was this there warning if you lose this is what happens to you.

And there are many of these large stones with carvings on them or some made out of plaster.

This is the biggest of them all and you get to go to the top.

It was way above the top of tree's

Me trying to get Lara to the edge just to show how far you could fall. This was it see her right hand still touching the rocks. Chicken....

I thought she was going to slide down on her butt. But look at her so brave.

Check out the ......
I liked this one the best I think it must be a tomb. And it had rounded corners. There is no way to climb it it looks like steps but they are 3.5 to 4 feet apart.

And this one with the pillars not some thing that you see in any ruins that I remember.

And this is the original paint and drawings just think over a thousand years this has held up in this damp climate.

Lara loved this tree she said it was right out of a horror movie.

There was so many of these some were in great Sharp and others you could not make out anything.

And on the way home we had to do some shopping.


  1. Hi Gerry! Hi Brenda! Thought I'd message you here in case you don't make it back over to your comment at alifemadesimple! Thanks for writing - too bad we missed each other in Guanajuato. I've been looking around here - nice that your daughter could join you! Hopefully we can meet although we are only in Zihua until the end of January then up through Patzcuaro and Guadalajara.

    1. Hey Teresa By the way that is our niece not our daughter. I have a feeling we are not going to meet this year but you never know. Travel plans change all the time.

    2. Yikes! Sorry - I must have missed where you mentioned that! Glad she is enjoying Mexico so much. Ya - that's why we don't 'plan' much anymore...

    3. Maybe when we head west we will stop and see you. We do plan to do the Alaska trip in the next couple of years.

  2. I swear Gerry, one more cliff and I am coming down there and taking your daughter home! lol

  3. OK but it was not a cliff I didn't think a ruins would matter. Some times it feels like we have our daughter with us.She gets Brenda thinking where the boundaries should be and she asks me if she should let Lara do something, wrong person to

  4. Oh gosh yes....definitely the wrong person to ask! The edge of a cliff is no boundary for you!