Sunday, November 30, 2014

Misol Ha

This rig pulled in last night. It is from the Czech They started in Panama and are ending in Mexico city where they fly home and the rig gets shipped back. It holds 8 people plus the driver see the little windows that is the bunk beds.

We went to Misol Ha today it is a beautifully waterfall.


This is down at the bottom almost

From behind the waterfall.

Another one from behind. The wind is so strong down there.

This is part of the trail behind the falls

 Lara trying to be brave tried to get her to climb on the rock at the edge.

See how much mist there is.

Brenda looking a little wet.

Lara swimming way to brave that is not warm water.

After that we went back to Palenque. Look at the way this tree grew it tied itself in a knot.

More of the ruins these were in the jungle so were covered with moss.

Came across this little water fall and stream we spent a lot of time here.

They grow them big here.

This waterfall was spectacular.

This is just past our camp the culvert washed out and all that is left is about 6 inches of pavement. Glad I am not going that way.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Lara was up by 7.45 said she loved sleeping in the tent. Except the Howler Monkeys woke her up 3 times she thought it was Jaguar's. I have no idea when she went to bed she meet up with some of the other campers and hung out with them. She love's this place.
So first thing this morning we went to the Ruins. I took way to many pictures and I am not commenting on them all. This is the first on we climbed.

There was a coffin or what ever you call it in this one.
This is a picture of the main one but we don't go in it till the end.

Hard to believe they found this after all these years. It is such a great place except it is getting way to busy. And I am sure they are going to make it a tourist trap just like the ones close to Cancun.

Great pic. she loved it and See's what we were talking about with the ruins the ones she saw so far are a let down compared to this place.

The ball court.

Even with a headache she climbed all but one.

Love this picture of her jumping from one to the other.

This was the steepest one it was a bit nerve racking coming down.

This is the start of the main one it is huge.

See the do not enter sign it took a bit to get Lara to follow us down here she thought some one would yell or some thing. But after we were down in the tunnels we had just entered the exit.

They had 2 of these have no idea if they were beds or what.
I just liked this picture.

To Palenque

Sorry no blog but no internet at the park. So I will do 2 right now we are sitting in a coffee shop in Palenque.
We are Maya Bell camp ground This is my favorite spots in this area It is like going back to my hippy days. In fact that is what is here modern hippys. Some from Mexico, France and Germany. Lara loves this camp ground.
My first picture here this little guy came to say hello.

Some of the trails around the camp.

I feel like I am in the jungle.

Great flowers

The girls heading to the restaurant for lunch. See the tent next to the RV. Thats is where Lara is sleeping.

While the girls were eating the howlers came to visit.

Got a few pictures of them.

This one was the was just a howling like crazy.
I went and asked the girls if they saw them and they said they didn't hear them.

And i got to see a parrot.