Sunday, November 30, 2014

Misol Ha

This rig pulled in last night. It is from the Czech They started in Panama and are ending in Mexico city where they fly home and the rig gets shipped back. It holds 8 people plus the driver see the little windows that is the bunk beds.

We went to Misol Ha today it is a beautifully waterfall.


This is down at the bottom almost

From behind the waterfall.

Another one from behind. The wind is so strong down there.

This is part of the trail behind the falls

 Lara trying to be brave tried to get her to climb on the rock at the edge.

See how much mist there is.

Brenda looking a little wet.

Lara swimming way to brave that is not warm water.

After that we went back to Palenque. Look at the way this tree grew it tied itself in a knot.

More of the ruins these were in the jungle so were covered with moss.

Came across this little water fall and stream we spent a lot of time here.

They grow them big here.

This waterfall was spectacular.

This is just past our camp the culvert washed out and all that is left is about 6 inches of pavement. Glad I am not going that way.

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