Friday, November 7, 2014

No Rain

Today I woke with a cold,sore throat runny nose fever you know all the good things. And I am the biggest baby when I get a cold so I felt sorry for Brenda today having to listen to me whine all day.

We did go for a walk around the park Couldn'tI can't believe how empty it has become.

We came across this tree with these fruit looking things

Brenda crushing one notice the hands in the pockets it was cool today I do not think it got to 60F

I was thinking a brain fruit maybe. So we took one up to the main office and they said they are horse apples. And no horses do not eat them in fact nothing does.

I even got a picture of a flower

Not much today just felt to crappy. Tomorrow we move down the road about 50 kilometers close to the airport so we can pick up Lara (tink) then its off to Mexico.

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  1. We say those big balls in Texas. We found on the internet they were called hedge apples, good for keeping away insects.