Thursday, November 13, 2014

San Miguelle de Allende

Today was a fun day. Started out at 8.30 tried to sneak out without paying but as I was driving out the owner came out of the wood work so I had to pay. So off we drove Instead of driving the way the GPS said I turned off on a new hwy it was just opened and we seamed to be driving north but it was the right choice way better than the drive in town we did to get to the campground. This is San Miguelle de Allende you drive down into it.

Lara said it was like Greece and her mom would love it.

This is a statue outside the church. We took a picture of it so we could find the car again.

This is the church the only one we could get Lara Thats me and Lara walking to it.

This guy had like 100 new hats on his head he turned around as soon as he saw Brenda taking the picture.

This is the main Cathedral in town. See the signs out front it was a protest.

Then we figured out that they were protesting the President about the 43 students that were executed. They had pictures of all them. And they let balloons go it looked pretty amazing there was hundreds of balloons yellow and white ones.

Lara showing off her pants that we ended up buying her for her birthday a little late but another present off the list.

I was hanging out in the street while the girls were shopping and this guy entertained me. I gave him 20 pesos that made his day so I sat and had my picture taken with him, that made my day making this old guy so happy. See the shorts that is the first day it was warm enough for me to have then on.
So we are staying here for 4 days and doing side trips. With all the side trips they have planed and we need to go back to town to do more shopping. Girls and shopping there has to be a couple hundred more stores to go look at. I am thinking it might be more like a week at this spot.


  1. Looks like you are having decent weather and too much fun as well.

  2. Don't forget Dolorous Hildalgo, although I don't think you will have room for all the pottery. We usually stop there on the way home so we only have to spend a few days sharing the space with my pottery treasures! Happy to see that you are having fun! Helen