Tuesday, November 11, 2014

San Luis Potosi

Another early start we were on the road by 7.30 AM Lara was still in bed but she got up within 5 minutes. I was shocked she doesn't want to miss anything. So for the first 20 minutes she was looking out the back window see how cloudy it is and the rain started right away and has rained most of the day not hard just a steady drizzle.

A lot of going up for the first part of the day we climbed just over 2 kilometers. Could see a lot of farming down in the valleys.

And we came across a new cactus today.

Lara liked the eyes on the back of this truck. She almost missed it but she did get the one eye.

When we got to El Faro de Peter Rv Park the gate was closed so we parked on the road and went and found a guy to open the gate. While me and Brenda were out of the Sally Lara made a new friend she was feeding this dog.

Look how dirty poor Geo is getting.

This is where we are parked Electric 15amp and a little water we had to put water in the tank and use our pump because there was no pressure. And see the dirt on the side of Sally. If the rain doesn't clean her I am going to have to hire a Mexican to wash her. You don't think I would do it we are in Mexico we don't even wash our own clothes here.
This is a picture of the light house in the park.

And couple of other crazy looking birds and clown things. I couldn't figure it out till I read that this is a Mexican campground in the summer so now I get all these things the Mexican love all the strange creatures.

This campground is on a lake but they have it locked. And a guard dog is in the tower thing and it guards the outside of the gate.

The Girls drove into the little town of Mexquitie. And this is the Pic they came back with. So in the morning we are going in to walk around and have breakfast.
Looks like a lot of shops I wonder if that is why we are going.

And some goats who doesn't want to go see them in town.

I guess this is the entrance to town.

Sure hope it is not raining tomorrow.

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  1. Would be nice for the rain to stop and you can enjoy exploring the area.