Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nothing new

 Yesterday it rained all day so we didn't leave Sally all day.
Today it was overcast thats why there is no pictures. We went to town and bought more of that junk we need because we will not be able to get it in Mexico. Then after that we picked Pecans they are all over this park so it was a simple job. But then we started to shell them now that is a fun job its going to take a week to do all that we have. Well if I didn't give up after Half an hour amd go and have a nap we might of had a lot more done. But Brenda stuck to it for a few hours so she did get a lot done.
Talked to the neighbor and now they are over run with ants. She said the guy that was on our lot before us left because of the ants. Wish she told us that when got here would of saved a lot of work.
So thats about all for the day will try and do some thing tomorrow and get some pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Good that you managed t0 get rid of the ants, now shelling the pecans can be a chore, have fun.