Saturday, November 29, 2014

To Palenque

Sorry no blog but no internet at the park. So I will do 2 right now we are sitting in a coffee shop in Palenque.
We are Maya Bell camp ground This is my favorite spots in this area It is like going back to my hippy days. In fact that is what is here modern hippys. Some from Mexico, France and Germany. Lara loves this camp ground.
My first picture here this little guy came to say hello.

Some of the trails around the camp.

I feel like I am in the jungle.

Great flowers

The girls heading to the restaurant for lunch. See the tent next to the RV. Thats is where Lara is sleeping.

While the girls were eating the howlers came to visit.

Got a few pictures of them.

This one was the was just a howling like crazy.
I went and asked the girls if they saw them and they said they didn't hear them.

And i got to see a parrot.

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