Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Today we headed out early. I had a migraine all night so didn't sleep a lot. And was up by 4am. Waiting for the late sleepers to get up. Brenda was up by 6.30 and Lara was up by 9.30 when we were pulling out. We were here in an hour so it was an easy day of driving. By the way this camp ground was 200 pesos finally a good price for camping. After we were set up we headed for centro. Found a parking spot right down town. And when we got back the plate was still on the car.
This is the first Church that we stopped at.

Then it was the search for the good stores.LOL. We stopped in a coffee shop it is the shop bottom right of this picture. But it was a German shop the girl spoke German English and Spanish.

I liked this sign they had lots of old pictures and antiques.

Second Church

I loved this old bike it looked well traveled. The plate was from California and it was 1990.

One of the many statues.

I wish they had a write up of this one It just seams so strange with the Native playing a guitar or what ever that instrument is.

Whats this Church 3 or is it 4

The stained glass was great in this one.

Lara thought she was over do with giving confession. But no one showed to take it. So she ran.

Neet restaurant

Who say Mexico is a third world country we don't have the police at home running around our city's with these.

They are electric.

Need to charge your phone pop open one of the street lights and hook up your cell phone charger to it then lay in the street while you are waiting for it to charge.

For some reason I got to see a lot of these shops today.

Waiting out side got this picture of the shopper.

They were protesting the 43 here to.

And we got to see the Aqueduct it looked in a lot better shap then some we have seen

Tomorrow its off to the Butterfly's does any one know if they are here yet.


  1. The reserves are open from November through March, so I'd guess there will be Monarchs there. Best viewing depends on the weather though. A cold over night with a warm next day is the best. Try to get there as it warms up (maybe around 11:00am?) and you will see them both on the trees and in flight.


    1. Hey Kevin and Ruth. We have been there before. The reason I asked was we have been hearing they are not there yet. In fact last week there was only about 2000 there. We did find out the reserve opens this coming Saturday so I guess we need to hang around here for a couple more days.

    2. Gerry, RV net had some comments and link for Butterfly story.
      We are now in Mexico near Ciudad Valles.