Friday, November 21, 2014


El Rosario This is where we ended up. It was a trying day. First we had to do a returno on a busy hwy. It took a lot of time to get into traffic. Then the hwy were way to busy. After about an hour of driving I try to get on a cuota(toll road) to go west after pulling threw the tool booth the west bound road was closed so we had to go east. There was no way off this road for add least 30 to 40 minutes. so it was over an hour of wasted time. And I am sure that my GPS hates me it kept taking me right threw every small town it could find. And not straight threw town it would have me drive every back street.
This was Lara's first cemetery I have never seen so many flowers in one before. sorry about the bad pictures but we have bad INTERNET.

We finally got to the pine forests sure sign you are getting pretty high up the hills.

And her first cow walking across the road.

Look at the clouds, the mountain tops are in them.

Think it is a bit of a steep road.

And there was rain today see the drops.

After we got to Ocampo we set up then drove to El Rosario. I wouldn't take the RV up there because the brakes heated up just driving to Ocampo. Well we tried to walk up the hill to see the Butterflies but they wouldn't let us. The Park does not open till tomorrow and they said to come back around AM.

Look at this poor donkey he had so much weight on his back he was staggering

We all commented how many turkeys there was on the trip up to the butterflies.


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