Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We were up and on the road by 9am we knew we were going to be in a traffic jam on the 95 cuota but it was only about 15 minutes the day before. It was only 20 minutes but some idiot tried to squeeze in and got his truck scraped by the mirror on the Geo. What happened is 2 lanes goes to 1 and everyone takes there turn so its my turn but the idiot didn't realize I was towing the Geo and he was not stopping. I saw him in my mirror but thought he is going to stop and let the Geo go ahead of him but he didn't when it started to scrape on the side of his truck he realized I was towing it. I did not stop just I kept scraping it down the side of his truck. It was just my mirror and it just pulled out a bit and some of the plastic was scraped off I left it on his truck. After we were pass the single lane and it opened up again he passed me and there was a black scratch down the side of his nice new red truck. After that nothing much happened it was an easy drive today.

After a few hours we started seeing this mountain and it looked like smoke coming out of it I kept saying its a volcano.

The roads were good today except the one toll was 368 pesos that was the most for a toll road yet.

Here is a closer look at the volcano.

A new subdivision.

And we saw our first bull I know its an advertisement not sure what.

After we got to the RV park we walked to the Ruins they are right in town every one said it would take 20 minutes to walk there but it did not take 10.

As we are walking in Lara sees this cave and runs into it so Brenda follows her it was not deep. No idea if it was part of the ruins or not.

There is a church built on top of the ruins that is what the Spanish did to convert all the natives to there religion.
Up at the church we saw the volcano puff out this cloud of smoke.

There was a few of these trees they have no leaves just these red flowers

See the church on the top. And this is part of the ruins.

They have dug out the stairs part way up to the church. Lara climbed them me and Brenda stayed at the bottom. If they went to some thing we would of went up.

At the top a peace sign I was expecting a rocky pose but she probably doesn't even know him.

Tomorrow we are going to try and leave real early we want to go 530 kilometers.



  1. Watch for the fog around Orizabo, that's where Elaine totaled their 5th wheel two years ago. I see you are at Las Americas, are you going into the city of Pueblo today> We took a bus in from the corner. Which way are you headed tomorrow - Thursday or Friday?