Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Playing tourists

We were tourists today started out in Mexquitie. Went to the church in town square.

Statues outside the church

Then we went for breakfast It was still cold and raining. Breakfast was fun trying to order I just point and hold up 2 fingers and say Harinas that is flour so they don't make them out of Maiz(corn) the girl runs across the street and comes back with my flour tortillas. The other 2 try to say every thing in Spanish. And that always gets every one laughing.

We wandered around town till we came to the Dam  I was walking across looking at the water and Lara was way back so Brenda went to see what she was looking at.

They call me back and this is what it was. At first I thought it was a squirrel but there was a few of them and they lived in the rocks of the Dam. So I am not sure they did look way fatter and shorter than squirrels I have seen before.

How would you like your group to be called this.

The girls were walking ahead of me and I disappeared on them I went in this building and got talking to the workers here. I loved the round roof.

The girls did come back and find me inside this building see the round roof.

Then it was off to San Luis Potosi. We drove into the center of town It is a big city. This is the main church.

Thats Lara sitting there.


Loved this statue not sure what its suppose to be,

Then it was into the mask museum

This was my favorite

We meet a police man and were asking directions. and next thing we new he was guiding us around. He took us into the municipal building and they had an art show in there. I think this was the best it was all sticks it was a hand holding a heart.

I thing the show was from the day of the dead check this butterfly out.

He was so nice taking us around he spoke about as much English as we spoke Spanish. After that we wandered around some more and didn't get lost. Then we went for lunch That was another laugh Lara asking for a vegetarian dish and the waiter saying sure we have vegetables with chicken she would say no meat so then he would say OK we have sausage. That took some time to get her food and I was sure it was going to have meat in it but it was OK.


  1. The squirrel-like animal is a California Ground Squirrel. :)