Sunday, November 2, 2014

Willis Texas

We woke up freezing in New Orleans and decided to leave so we packed up and headed out. Our goal was Willis Texas but we never figured we would drive that far. But as it turns out it really was not a bad trip. Plus we are in Texas as they say every thing is bigger and better in Texas. No idea why they say that. But we are here at Castaway Name change Bishop's landing now. We were here before this is where we met George and Suzie There blog (our awesome travels) Check it out they are from Ontario.

Not much new around here other than the name change and they have a couple more cabins.
Did our walk around today. while we were waiting for the laundy fun day.

Its nice here and a dit warmer.

We are going to be here for a week waiting for the Tink. She is flying into Houston this Sat. And we are taking her to Mexico with us. Should be a fun winter.

So now I am caught up. Hope to have better internet for awhile so should be able to keep this up to date.


  1. That is exactly where we met you guys. Enjoy your time there and safe travels to Mexico. Keep warm .

  2. Where are you crossing and where are you heading? Still 2 weeks before we get to border.

    1. We are crossing at Columbia. Going down the center then the east coast.