Thursday, November 20, 2014


Today was a late start it was cold and overcast Plus Lara slept in.
Today we went to El Cerrita a ruins about 15 k. from here. Its not a big ruins but was interesting because back in 1870 before anyone new there was a ruins here some one built a house on the hill.

It sure looked like a big place. But we were not allowed to climb the ruins.

It must of been a rich person that built this.

In 1995 they dug under this spot and found some artifacts and 50 male heads and they were all between the age of 18 and 40. The women telling us all this only spoke Spanish so thats about all I got out of what she was saying.
She even took our picture.

After that we went into the town of Corregidora.

Love these Bougainvilleas

And like always had to go and check out the church.

It was huge

Brenda buying some vegetables for diner. I could not get that little girl to smile

One of the streets in town no cars allowed.

Lara found some ice cream.

Then they had some gorditas. Lara is not sure about all this spice, hot food. I said every thing that is red made from tomato's is hot. She keeps thinking its just salsa.

Looked good but made out of corn so none for me.

After town we went to a nature preserve. They had a bunch of caged animals. This is a Coatimundi.

Neat bird someone tell me what it is.

Check this out.
Followed the trail and came to this lake Lara and Brenda are checking out a spider.
So this is what you would expect to see in a nature preserve right.

There was alot of goats crossing the trail maybe 35 of them and then this dog comes out behind them I guess he was the Shepard no person came out just the dog. He must have been well trained.

This is what most of the trail was a cobble stone road.
Besides the goats this is what we saw monster grasshoppers. One jumped on Lara's leg and she was screaming help me I thought some snack or some thing was attacking her so I didn't get any pictures of her jumping around. It was funny to see.

They had a little pond with a  pile of turtles.

 So tomorrow we move down the road to Ocampo.

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