Saturday, February 28, 2015

PTO Vallarta

Yesterday we went to PV did the tourist thing walked around checked out some shops and walked around some more. We stopped for some thing to eat the girls eat there's but I just couldn't do it. It was the strangest food we have had since we were in Mexico looked like chunks of spam with tomato sauce over it. The girls kept saying this is authentic Mexican food but nether one of them would eat mine so I knew it was not good because usually when I don't eat they eat mine no go on this stuff. I was sick so that might have been the problem I just have not been feeling good for awhile now not sure what it is headaches throwing  up no energy maybe I just need a few days of doing nothing at all.
This is one of the many statues along the walk way.

Another of the statues 

A sand sculpture they have a few along the walk these guys do them for tips some are really impressive.

Not many on the beach in this part most of the people along here were sitting around there pools at the resorts.

This was the most detailed of the sand castles a lot of work goes into one of these. I wonder how log they last the guy was spraying it with water to keep it together. I guess when they have a high tide it is gone. It is nice to walk along this section and I bet at night that this is a hopping place.

I don't know if I will blogg later maybe take a few days to feel better.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are in Sayulita no blog yesterday just did not feel like it after a long drive. We were here 3 years ago and loved this place a lot of people don't like it here but we seem to fit in with the rest of the old hippies. It has changed a bit but not a lot our favorite Taco stand was not there any more so we have to go to all the Taco stands in town to find our new favorite place.

It was a bit cloudy to day but still was a great day.

We went for a walk down the beach and followed some trails through the jungle to the next beach.

This is the beach with the caves you walk through to get to the next beach. The one cave was full of sand.

But the other was good as long as you timed the waves right.

The last time we were here there was not a single person or track on this beach but now you could see where 4 wheeler s had driven on it.

I loved the way the water had washed the sand away it made it look like a sand castle.

The cave again.

Look how the wire had grown into this tree made it look like a mouth

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday we packed up and left. Did not know how far we would get I was not feeling good. We made a few stops checking out some of the beaches along the way. We made it to Melaque It is a nice small town with many Gringos here. This is the first park we have been in that was full there was only one spot available. And it was expensive 380 pesos that is crazy. It is one of the better parks we have been in in Mexico. 

There is 15 RV in here and only 3 are not from BC I have been to parks where the Quebec campers took over but have never seen it from any other province. 1 from Alberta 1 from Alaska 1 from Oregon. 

This is the beach

This is a park at the one end of the beach and the reason I do not like this place. They have no electricity and no dump stations what they do is dig a hole in the sand and dump there tanks right on the beach. I don't know what you think but to me that is about as low as you can get. I hope they all get sick swimming in the ocean out front of there piece of paradise.

Even got to see sun rise this morning.

We are thinking about heading out this morning.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Colola day3

Today we took Lara down to see Maruata. By the way John we never found the lady with the Pecan rolls I did not have the GPS numbers because we had no internet but we did look for her. 

Lara just loved this place she was thinking this would be a good place to have Christmas next year. Now lets see her arrange that to get every one here.

This part you had to run around the rocks or you would get soaked this is the girls running.

Brenda trying to talk Lara into getting in.

I loved the way this bird looked.

I missed sun set just got a bit of orange sky.

Then it was back to the Turtles Brenda digging up the eggs.

And lara burying them 

And got to release more this is what 72 baby turtles looks like.

Colola day 2

First thing in the morning I went down to the beach and there was this turtle still there just covering her eggs. I guess she was late coming to shore.

After she finished I watched her go back into the ocean

Then when Brenda got up we walked into town to see if we could find some gas we were real low in the tracker and the nearest Pemox station was 32 Kil. away and we didn't have enough to get there so we were looking for a local that sold some.most small towns have some one that sells it. We talked to a couple of people and the next thing we know we are in the back of a pickup truck and these guys are driving us all over town looking for some. The funny thing is the place that had gas was right around the corner from where we got in the truck to start with. But it was a fun time.

See the woman at the back dumping gas into a container for us.

And this is the store that had it see the little hole that they pass stuff through no one goes in there store you just ask for something and they hand it out to you. I kept thinking how are they going to pass the gas out. But the husband came out with it and put it in our Tracker for us and it was only 15 pesos a liter at the gas station its 13.57 so not that bad of a mark up.


Now that we had gas Brenda and I went for a drive down to a little town called Maruata.

We were walking along the beach and met up with these 2 people and they said you have to go the other way and check out the beach over there. I was not sure we would have even gone that way because you had to cross a stream and walk between a bunch of boats then up a road a bit to get there. But it was one of the nicest beaches we have seen sure glade we ran into these 2.

The stream we had to cross.

The beach

There were many caves with water crashing out of them

The next beach they just kept coming you would walk a ways then end up at another one.

The waves crashing onto the rocks.

Another cave 

And another beach.

The pictures do not do this place just is.

Even had some paintings on the rocks.

We spent a lot of time here just watching the waves come in.

There is a small beach past this point but we did not want to climb the rocks to get to it.

Had 4 horses come down to the beach and roll in the sand its so strange in this country you do not need to fence your horses just let them wander around.

We had a fun day Lara stayed at the RV and caught up on some sleep then at 9.30 we all went down to the sanctuary and helped out dug up another nest and reburied the eggs and did a lot of sitting around learning some Spanish and talking to the locals.


We left early and headed for Colola. This is my favorite place in Mexico along the Michoacan Coast the views
Are unbelievable the road is slow with all the twist and turns and up one mountain and down the next.
But with a few pull off to see views like this you soon forget about having to drive only 40 k an hour.
And they say this coast is the highway with 1000 topes that could be an under statement because I am sure there are more than that.

As you can see there are so many beaches and many have no one around and others there is no way to them except by boat.

                                 You also have to watch out for a few of these on the road.

                           And these we saw about 15 donkeys along this section of road.

After we got a camping spot. We camped at the Eco Turistico they charged us 100 pesos with electric and water
And opened one of the Cabanas so we could use the shower and the toilet. There is a swimming pool and it is right on the beach.

This is the beach I think it is about 5 miles long.

And you can see the holes like these every place on the beach from the turtles digging nests.

 At 9 pm Brenda and Lara went down to the sanctuary to volunteer I had a migraine so did not get to go. Lara playing with moma turtle.  

After the turtle was done laying her eggs they drug her from the hole and Lara got to pick them out of the hole.

Ended up this one laid 105 eggs

A bag full of eggs

They take the eggs to the fenced in area where they have to dig a hole and put them in Lara has a new job skill fence post digger.

Then she had to put the eggs in the hole and cover them and mark how many and the date.

While she was doing that a nest was hatching. They put a light over a bowl in the sand and all the babys go to the light and fall in the bowl

Then they took them to the ocean and released them.

We have had no internet for 4 days so I will be posting all the days today