Sunday, February 8, 2015

Huatulto Day 2

Today was going to be a day of getting up and seeing the sunrise well that worked out just great. By 7.30 they were talking about it then realized they missed it. But that is the plan for tomorrow we will see. So we went for a walk down the beach Brenda wore shoes so she could climb the rocks to get to the next beach. This is Brenda and Lara looking in a small cave.

There are a lot of these little guys running around the rocks.

 This is the first time I saw black and white Iguanas.

We found these 2 guys selling Oysters on the beach and we talked Lara into trying them. So this is a first for her.

The next pictures speak for them self's.

Hummm do I like it.

To funny look at that face and a thumbs up.

Then she had to try a raw mussel crazy but she said it was OK. 

To day this guy shows up in the park  and I hear him say I think its easier to see you hear instead of driving to Crystal Beach. I live in Niagara Falls.I look up and he is talking to Brenda Then he says his wife and him follow our blog.That's how he knew we were here. Joyce and Dave Miller.They camped in this campground for 6 years now this year they are renting a condo. Small world. He said where a good restaurant was in town and while we were there they showed up with some friends of theirs. Not a great picture sorry. And the meal was great It was at Grilla maranera.Hope the spelling is right. So if your in town check this place out.

Then the girls needed a ice cream but ended up with some kind of frozen yogurt that the make in front of you.

It was fun to watch them make it.

So another day is done tomorrow I think we are moving.

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  1. Next stop Zipolito Beach? I hope Laura doesn't mind looking at old ugly nude guys. Camping not as good but nice beach and hike over the Northern high hills.