Monday, February 16, 2015

Puerto Escondido day 3 or 5

I tried to uload this page 10 time yesterday with no luck and today I am not having much more luck.
The first picture was a bird we saw while we were waiting for Lara to show up for her surfing lesson.

She seamed to figure it out today.

This is a picture of this guy knocking her off see where his board is.

Looking good

She got up every time but one.

A rouge wave came and every one jumped off there boards and they went flying. That was pretty funny. 

Look 3 up at once 

This was under Lara tent when we took it down way funny i wonder if it slept with her.


  1. We have had two scorpions in our motorhome, one at Rancho Alta Rose near Puerto Vallarta and then another one on our way to Durango. Needless to say neither one survived!

  2. To funny you did not capture them and let them out.

    1. Kevin has an allergy to bee stings and such, and he was not about to take a chance and test it out with scorpions, so no we were not about to capture them and let them out! ;-)