Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hogar Infantil day 5

First I have to say sorry for so many pictures I have a couple hundred more if you want them...lol...I was playing with my old camera this morning and found the macro setting so the first 2 pic. were me fooling around. Hard to believe what these little guys can carry.

So today's plan was to go see the waterfalls. Aguacero its about 15 minutes from where we are camped. The road into it was not the best this picture was out the window of the Tracker no guard rails here.

Then after you get to the parking spot you get to walk down the stairs only 705 not bad going down.

And when you get to the bottom you have to walk through the river its sand and some fast moving water.

Brenda being brave climbing up some of them.

Lara showing off climbing even higher.

Lara trying to keep dry that lasted about 2 minutes.

They sure are some thing to see.

I have no idea how many different falls there are.

Walking up the river you had to do some tricky climbing.

And then there is Lara if its there it needs to be climbed.

What do I say beautiful 

And there is Lara again.

So many different falls it was spectacular.

This section I didn't walk up it was waist deep.

We are in Mexico in the middle of no where and we meet a couple from Ottawa. Nick and Joelle

They were going to go to Costa Rica but have now run out of time so its just going to be Mexico.The funniest thing was we introduced our self's and they both say Turtleondowntheroad. how funny is that.  

Another great shot

Nick floating down the river.

The last picture before the 705 steps easy going down not so easy going up. That was a long walk back to the top.
We found another trail at the top that lead to a cave with a river under ground.

It was total darkness there was a sign that you could go for a boat ride in it. we could see the boat but nothing I would do ride a boat in the dark under ground.

The girls climbing back out of the cave.

After that we went to centro to buy the girls a present and we bought all the kids pop and chips they said they would have them Friday for movie night.

The girls came over and we gave them some Cheetos and a necklace and 3 new movies. 

And they gave us scarfs they had made so nice it was fun getting to know them. And will remember them forever.


  1. Loved the water falls, we will have to remember that next time we are there. Too funny that you meet someone from Ottawa. Love the scarves!


  2. That couple was in your campsite at Xpu-Ha and I told them to follow your blog and do the same thing. I guess they caught up with you. Are they camped with you now. Where is your next stop Huatulco? Great campsite with more birds then I've seen anywhere in MX.