Saturday, February 7, 2015


We were up early and on the road by sunrise. We got stuck behind some transports so it was a slow drive but we still made it here by 9.30 so it was an easy driving day after yesterday I needed that. We set up and headed for the beach. This is not what I was expecting I was thinking more the little laid back fishing town. No not that at all it has been developed by the government they were trying to make this the next Cancun but it never took off but it is still pretty developed with quite a few hotels the all inclusive kind of place's. There was not more than 300 people on the hole beach. 

The west coast at its best lots of sand with big rocks to climb or explore. 

Climb over some rocks at the end of the beach and you come to another beach. 

Lara loves this place I guess we will be here for a few days.

The local wild life.

I had 3 different people ask what kind of fish these were at first I thought bone fish but some one said it was not so may be Paul or John one of you guys must know????

The girls discussing all there plans I think I heard them say some thing about renting a catamaran.

The neighbor called us over to show us this little critter. its been awhile since I have seen one. The neighbor is from BC and there is a couple here from Texas and the people we met in Palenque from France. Its a nice place 50 pesos per person a night no electric but they do have water and a dump station.

We saw 3 different groups of birders today wandering around the park I see why there are a lot of birds here. I even took some pictures.

At first I thought these were Blue Jays but I don't think so.

Brenda told me what this was but do not remember it was some thing like a Chucalucka lol

We went to town for some groceries and saw 2 different people walking around with parrots on there shoulders then we came across this little guy with his pet bird named Lucky.


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  2. Make sure you go to Playa La Entrega, it is a great place for really good snorkeling and it's a beautiful beach! We have now been to Huatulco three separate times and love it there. You can find lots of places where it is mostly locals rather than tourists. This post is from our 1st visit there and we stayed at least a week or so. Our 2nd time was in January of 2011 and the last time was in February of 2013. Check the posts out. There are names of many of the birds that saw including that woodpecker, plus some of the different beaches and we had found a good and cheap chicken place in the town La Crucecita.

  3. Thanks Ruth I was checking your blog on March 5 2009 and you stayed at Playa Ventura do you remember the name of the place we were looking for a place to stop on that section. I did not even know that town was there. We never made it to Playa La Entrega just not the time we have to be in Saulita on the first and have to many places to see as it is. Thanks again

    1. It's a real shame that you missed Playa La Entrega, it really is a great spot and the snorkeling is fantastic.

      Here is the blog post of the place from Mar. 2009, I believe that once you come into town you turn right and then right again onto the main road and I think it was at mile marker 1. I was pretty sure that we had written the name of the place in one of our posts but we have quite a few posts from staying there over the years. Anyway, if you are higher than 11"3 (3.4m) then you will have a hard time getting in. We have to get something to hold up the electrical wire so that we can drive underneath it to get into their place. Last time we were there they wanted 60 pesos per person which we thought was a lot. They are a nice family but it isn't a proper RV park and we never used their electricity although I am sure they would have a problem with it. There are other restaurants down the beach that I am sure you could find somewhere to stay though. Just found the name it is Restuarant Puesta del Sol and the GPS coordinates are 16.542238 -98.920757.