Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We left early and headed for Colola. This is my favorite place in Mexico along the Michoacan Coast the views
Are unbelievable the road is slow with all the twist and turns and up one mountain and down the next.
But with a few pull off to see views like this you soon forget about having to drive only 40 k an hour.
And they say this coast is the highway with 1000 topes that could be an under statement because I am sure there are more than that.

As you can see there are so many beaches and many have no one around and others there is no way to them except by boat.

                                 You also have to watch out for a few of these on the road.

                           And these we saw about 15 donkeys along this section of road.

After we got a camping spot. We camped at the Eco Turistico they charged us 100 pesos with electric and water
And opened one of the Cabanas so we could use the shower and the toilet. There is a swimming pool and it is right on the beach.

This is the beach I think it is about 5 miles long.

And you can see the holes like these every place on the beach from the turtles digging nests.

 At 9 pm Brenda and Lara went down to the sanctuary to volunteer I had a migraine so did not get to go. Lara playing with moma turtle.  

After the turtle was done laying her eggs they drug her from the hole and Lara got to pick them out of the hole.

Ended up this one laid 105 eggs

A bag full of eggs

They take the eggs to the fenced in area where they have to dig a hole and put them in Lara has a new job skill fence post digger.

Then she had to put the eggs in the hole and cover them and mark how many and the date.

While she was doing that a nest was hatching. They put a light over a bowl in the sand and all the babys go to the light and fall in the bowl

Then they took them to the ocean and released them.

We have had no internet for 4 days so I will be posting all the days today

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