Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are in Sayulita no blog yesterday just did not feel like it after a long drive. We were here 3 years ago and loved this place a lot of people don't like it here but we seem to fit in with the rest of the old hippies. It has changed a bit but not a lot our favorite Taco stand was not there any more so we have to go to all the Taco stands in town to find our new favorite place.

It was a bit cloudy to day but still was a great day.

We went for a walk down the beach and followed some trails through the jungle to the next beach.

This is the beach with the caves you walk through to get to the next beach. The one cave was full of sand.

But the other was good as long as you timed the waves right.

The last time we were here there was not a single person or track on this beach but now you could see where 4 wheeler s had driven on it.

I loved the way the water had washed the sand away it made it look like a sand castle.

The cave again.

Look how the wire had grown into this tree made it look like a mouth


  1. How far up the coast are you going?
    It looks like the camp was still crowded, I thought by late February it might be clearing out.

  2. We have not decided how far we will go or if we go inland from here. The park is full we got the last spot in it because someone left the day we got here. They say it has been full the entire year.

  3. We leave Sunday for our trip back to the border. We will stay in touch.