Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zihuatanejo day 2

Lara found a woman here that was bottle feeding this puppy it is only 21 days old and it is the only surviving pup out of the litter. And I think this look is mom can I keep it. I said she could but she would have to mail it home.

What a goofy looking bird.

More crocs

More Iguanas today I have no idea how many are around here.

I still have not gotten the orange one but this one is close.

Neat green color on this one.

Today was just an easy day. We went to market then took the laundry in and hung out around here. The girls went snorkeling and I went for a drive to find some water. And stopped in at the Ropa Trailer park to check it out I did not really care for it plus most of the ones there were from Quebec. I think where we are is a fine park I kept wondering last nigh when I was out if the Crocs wonder up around the park I never saw one but it did not stop me from looking. That's about all for today maybe tomorrow I will get out and do some fun things. 

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