Tuesday, February 17, 2015


An easy drive well it was a short drive today not sure about easy. It was a 2 hour drive that took just over 3 hours. We are about 5 miles north of Acapulco. We did not go into town I have no reason to see it I am not a big city guy so I did not go and the girls decided not to go with out me. This is a picture looking at Acapulco.

This is looking north.

Some of the restaurants and motels on the beach.

The hills along the coast are beautiful this one you can see the houses of Acapulco pretty high up.

You can tell its a big city when we are 5 miles from down town and you can see that many houses.

I think there is a military base across from us we have been seeing these army helicopters all day.

As far as the larger pictures over the last couple of days I have no idea how that happened and if I did I would continue doing it. I think it was just the bad internet. Sorry not much today just tired out and not up to much plus have a long drive tomorrow.


  1. Just keep enjoying that great weather, no big cities for me either.

  2. I wish I could drive around all of them

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