Friday, February 20, 2015

Zihuatanejo day 3

This morning we had the Croc. on the sand right beside the walk to the beach. One of the twins boys said she laid eggs in the sand so don't walk on the sand or she will eat you to protect her eggs. Kids and there imagination. The French couple walk right past it like it was a log never even looking at it to me they are just asking for trouble one of these days they are going to be breakfast for her.

One of my favorite birds a kingfisher.

It dove down and got a couple of fish but could never get a good picture of that.

We headed out today first we went up the hill past the camp to the look out for some pictures. We are parked down there some place.

Lara needing to stand on the edge just for mom.

We went a ruins at a town south of here at La Chole the ruins are Xihuacan they were just discovered in 2007 so it has not had to much work done at them yet. The indigenous people were Cuitlateco never heard of them before. Even the ball courts were different than any I have seen before. They had 4 of these stone hoops on the court.

Lara showing how big there ear rings were compared to hers. The bigger they were the higher the class they were.

These stone carvings were for tattoos they heated them up then pressed them into  the skin to scar like a brand they do on cows. It hurts just thinking about it. 

This is the first time I have seen copper jewelry. I was surprised how many artifacts they still had here most of the ruins we have been at they were all removed and sent to Mexico city. I guess they just have not pillaged this place yet.

The ball court. I wished they would have put the hoops out just to show how they looked on each side there was 2 of them.

This trough thing was for the blood of the people they sacrificed on the bottom right they found 7 skeletons and one was a small child. And they were all Down syndrome they were not sure why. Or why they would do this at the ball court. 

The ruins were covered with Adobe They said that this place was wiped out from a Tsunami in 1350 AD  That is why they find so many artifacts here. There is so much that they have not even scratched the surface of what is here.

Some of the original steeps and some adobe bricks.

There are plastic bags all over this hill with artifacts in them like clay from pots. As we were walking around we could see pieces every place you looked It was amazing that they just let you walk on them you could pick up pieces and take them crazy  I think some one or some university should be there cataloging all this stuff before it is all gone  From tourists just picking pieces as souvenirs. I will tell you I was tempted to take some and some of the green stones forget what they were called but the guide kept picking them up to show them to us. He was saying they were sacred to the inhabitants. 

This is one of the bags with the pottery pieces.

After this the guide took us to town to the church where they had this carved stone with 3 faces they say they found this at this spot in 1900. and found no other artifacts so far. Do not know if I believe that or not I think they might have brought it from the ruins.

Then he took us down to the river I guess to show us where they do laundry. lol

Then we walked down a road so he could show us what they grow.

Brenda showing this plant that grows something like a cucumber but when it drys out it is a loofah. 

And me at the tobacco fields I asked him to take me to someone that rolls cigars but he did not know any one.

Wow I look happy this is back at the start near the car.

A neat flower.

Then we went to Ixtapa to see the other camp ground about 13 miles past Zihuatanejo. I am glad we did not go here the camp was at the end of a street with nothing around it and nobody was there. We stopped for lunch and were ripped off the most we have ever paid for lunch in Mexico we only had Tacos and they cost over 700 pesos. needless to say I will never be back here again I don't mind paying more because I am a gringo but to be ripped off like this place did is the reason places get bad names and end up suffering in the long run when they have word of mouth bitching about them and people just stop coming. There was even an old guy playing a guitar and he and his wife were walking from table to table seeing if any one wanted him to play for them but when she started to come to our table he says no they are just Gringos and walks away. Yes this place is off my list of places to come back to.

This is the beach Its down past all the large resorts. And it has all the usual junk shops and lots of restaurants.

Lara with her 100 peso  pina colada

The sand is black they say it is from an volcanic eruption. But the closest one is 8 hours away.

 we got back hung around and even got to see the sun set/

It was a full day and tomorrow we are on the road again.

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  1. Lots to see and do there, travel safe and enjoy the weather.