Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Colola day 2

First thing in the morning I went down to the beach and there was this turtle still there just covering her eggs. I guess she was late coming to shore.

After she finished I watched her go back into the ocean

Then when Brenda got up we walked into town to see if we could find some gas we were real low in the tracker and the nearest Pemox station was 32 Kil. away and we didn't have enough to get there so we were looking for a local that sold some.most small towns have some one that sells it. We talked to a couple of people and the next thing we know we are in the back of a pickup truck and these guys are driving us all over town looking for some. The funny thing is the place that had gas was right around the corner from where we got in the truck to start with. But it was a fun time.

See the woman at the back dumping gas into a container for us.

And this is the store that had it see the little hole that they pass stuff through no one goes in there store you just ask for something and they hand it out to you. I kept thinking how are they going to pass the gas out. But the husband came out with it and put it in our Tracker for us and it was only 15 pesos a liter at the gas station its 13.57 so not that bad of a mark up.


Now that we had gas Brenda and I went for a drive down to a little town called Maruata.

We were walking along the beach and met up with these 2 people and they said you have to go the other way and check out the beach over there. I was not sure we would have even gone that way because you had to cross a stream and walk between a bunch of boats then up a road a bit to get there. But it was one of the nicest beaches we have seen sure glade we ran into these 2.

The stream we had to cross.

The beach

There were many caves with water crashing out of them

The next beach they just kept coming you would walk a ways then end up at another one.

The waves crashing onto the rocks.

Another cave 

And another beach.

The pictures do not do this place just is.

Even had some paintings on the rocks.

We spent a lot of time here just watching the waves come in.

There is a small beach past this point but we did not want to climb the rocks to get to it.

Had 4 horses come down to the beach and roll in the sand its so strange in this country you do not need to fence your horses just let them wander around.

We had a fun day Lara stayed at the RV and caught up on some sleep then at 9.30 we all went down to the sanctuary and helped out dug up another nest and reburied the eggs and did a lot of sitting around learning some Spanish and talking to the locals.

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  1. We love Maruata. The place we camp is North of the town by all the caves and a little pond. That's where Lupi made her pecan rolls.