Saturday, February 28, 2015

PTO Vallarta

Yesterday we went to PV did the tourist thing walked around checked out some shops and walked around some more. We stopped for some thing to eat the girls eat there's but I just couldn't do it. It was the strangest food we have had since we were in Mexico looked like chunks of spam with tomato sauce over it. The girls kept saying this is authentic Mexican food but nether one of them would eat mine so I knew it was not good because usually when I don't eat they eat mine no go on this stuff. I was sick so that might have been the problem I just have not been feeling good for awhile now not sure what it is headaches throwing  up no energy maybe I just need a few days of doing nothing at all.
This is one of the many statues along the walk way.

Another of the statues 

A sand sculpture they have a few along the walk these guys do them for tips some are really impressive.

Not many on the beach in this part most of the people along here were sitting around there pools at the resorts.

This was the most detailed of the sand castles a lot of work goes into one of these. I wonder how log they last the guy was spraying it with water to keep it together. I guess when they have a high tide it is gone. It is nice to walk along this section and I bet at night that this is a hopping place.

I don't know if I will blogg later maybe take a few days to feel better.

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  1. Nice sand sculptures. Hope you are feeling better soon.