Saturday, February 14, 2015

Puerto Escondido another day not sure what number this day is can not remember how long we have been here

This morning we said our good byes to Nick and Joelle they are off to Acapulco.
Then we went to watch Lara take another surfing lesson. Today we drove to another bay Carrizalillo for the lesson its a couple bays north of here. Its a small bay with smaller waves.

Very picturesque. 

And the first one she caught she jumped off into the water. But that was the last time for that.

Today it seemed to come a lot easier for her.

Do you think she is fitting in out there gabbing waiting for a wave.

I wish I had the other camera because this wave she stayed up till the end of it. My old camera is way to slow.

Brenda even went for a swim 

Then when we got back we decided to walk the entire length of the beach. I have no idea how long it is but it felt like 4 miles. I looked it up and its only 4 kilometers.

The south end has a few cliffs and some rocks and even some caves.

One of the caves not very deep.

Even a local rolling joints. This end is where the surfers hang out much better waves.

Inside one of the caverns.

I was thinking the red on the rocks was from the surfers that didn't make it.

It was a lot of fun climbing through all the caverns and caves. and trying to make through before the next wave came in. 

On the other side of this rock was a bunch of locals fishing the rock was about 20 feet high.

See the kid climbing down his mother was trying to throw a fishing net up to him. She would run out when the wave went out and throw it kind of funny to watch it.

What would they be fishing for in all them waves.

And there she is standing in a cave 

I kept wondering what this would be like if the tide came in I have no idea how you would get out of there.

So the 4 k walk was worth it just for the fun we had walking around the rocks.

We are going to spend one more day here no idea what we will be doing yet.


  1. If you are looking to shorten the drive tomorrow, stop at Playa Ventura.

    Be sure and take the bypass around Acapulco, don't go through town. It is not clearly marked. If you want I can e-mail you a detailed map. Pie de la cuesta is where to camp (3 camps) north of Acapulco. Nice local bus goes to town from there.

  2. Thanks John could you email me that map.