Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday we packed up and left. Did not know how far we would get I was not feeling good. We made a few stops checking out some of the beaches along the way. We made it to Melaque It is a nice small town with many Gringos here. This is the first park we have been in that was full there was only one spot available. And it was expensive 380 pesos that is crazy. It is one of the better parks we have been in in Mexico. 

There is 15 RV in here and only 3 are not from BC I have been to parks where the Quebec campers took over but have never seen it from any other province. 1 from Alberta 1 from Alaska 1 from Oregon. 

This is the beach

This is a park at the one end of the beach and the reason I do not like this place. They have no electricity and no dump stations what they do is dig a hole in the sand and dump there tanks right on the beach. I don't know what you think but to me that is about as low as you can get. I hope they all get sick swimming in the ocean out front of there piece of paradise.

Even got to see sun rise this morning.

We are thinking about heading out this morning.


  1. Nice park but 380 pesos with no electric and no dump station? like you said crazy!

    1. Was that Laguna de Tule? Wow, we paid half that 7 years ago, they had power & sewers. Nice restaurant & pool.