Monday, February 2, 2015

Hogar Infantil day 3

First thing in the morning Brenda and I went for a walk up the hill behind the Orphanage. We never made it to the top way to high and there was no trail so it was had going. I did climb on top of the water tank they have way up the hill to take some pictures.

Then we took off for the Canyon. This is Brenda and Lara waiting for the boat. We never did figure out what was going on people would come and they would load a boat and take off we were thinking that they were going to put us on a boat with an english speaking guide. There was 6 others ther that could speak english. But no finally they loaded us and off we went and there was no englih.

Some of the young English guys from London they are traveling almost all of south america.

This is a spot where the Vultures gather no idea why could not under stand what the guy was saying.

It is a good trip lots of good views

It was on a river but the river is dammed up for electricity I was wondering what it was like before they dammed it I bet there was some good rapids through here.

We did get to see some crocs.

It sure is along way to the top I never did look it up to see how high the walls were.

This was a neet formation where the water is dripping down and forming these neat formations.Too much sun to get a good picture.

When we got to the damm there is a boat tied up there that sells all the good stuff chips pop and beer guess what the girls chose.

This is heading back into the canyon after the beer brake. 

And we got to see more crocs.

It took a couple of hours to do the trip  I think if you are down here it is definitely worth it. We were going to drive to the top to look down into the canyon but it was getting late in the day by the time we stoped and had some thing to eat, So we didn't go. Maybe today if we have time. We are going to some water fall today with some 700 steps so I don't know if I will have the energy to drive back to the canyon.

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