Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hogar Ifantil

Today was a rest day. But I did do some more small repairs had to fix a leak in the drains for the gray water. Then walked around and tried to talk to some of the children boy I need to learn Spanish. Lara is getting better every day but I find I can understand more than I can speak it I guess with time it will sink in.We ended up with 2 of the girls staying for dinner. Laura and Baola. They insisted on doing dishes they wouldn't take no for an answer.On Monday they are going to cook us dinner.2 sweet kids one was 15 and one was 16 and they are learning to be cooks. 

For some reason they thought my name was to funny. I wonder if in Spanish it means something that I don't know. 

So tomorrow its off to the Canyon.We invited them but they said they could not get permission to go.

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