Wednesday, January 28, 2015

San Cristabel

Today we decided to go to Chumul every one said it was a must do and to take the horse ride to it. So we wanted the hole experience so we drove down town and went to a tour operator and bought tickets. 540 pesos for the 3 of us. First they said the bus would come and pick us up yes this is the picture of the bus. we ended up with another couple from Brazil who spoke perfect english they were Gabby and Otavio. They are now working in Dubai. 2 fun people glad we meet them. 

here is the 3 girls.

It was a nice ride part threw the country and other parts on roads.

And of coarse threw the bush.

All the women wear the traditional dress. The skirts were a black sheep skin with the wool still attached and some strange top with large scarves. This women was beating corn or beans not sure which one because one pile was beans and the other was corn.

That's Otavio in front of me and our guide in front of him.

Here is a better picture of what they wear.

The 2 cow girls.

No one here is going to starve these people know how to farm see how the fields are tiered like Japanese rice fields. That's cabbage in the top field.

A hand loom there are a lot of sheep around here.

This little girl taking the sheep to the pasture field they all had rope tied to one leg.

How many kinds of beans are there.

Heading into the court yard of the church.

This is why you come to this town this is one strange place. They well not allow any cameras which is to bad it is really some thing to see. First they have pine needles all over the floor. Then there is candles every place And the local family's are on the floor with 50 to 100 candles burning in front of them and they had 3 eggs a live chicken some vodka or some kind of booze and 1 at a time would do this chanting one might pour some booze in a glass and spread it around the candles then another one would hold the chicken over the candles more chanting. Some one said they would sacrifice the chickens but we never saw that. Brenda estimated that there was 13000 candles burning in there plus all the ones on the floor with all the family's  The heat in the church was amazing.

this is our friends from Brazil.

Loved this entrance to this home.

After we walked around town we then got to ride back. After that we went and picked up our Laundry and of coarse we had a ticket and the plate was gone again. I found a police man and we got directions to the police station but we never went yet instead we went for diner and ran into our friends so we all had diner together it was helpful because they speak Portuguese which is very close to Spanish. We had a wonderful evening with them and like all good things it ended to soon.  Did I tell you how cold this place gets at night time it is going down to 4c tonight it is so cold we have the furnace on we are going to spend one more day here. Not sure what we are doing yet but getting the plate back.


  1. Just catching up on your last few posts. We've never been to this area so nice to see. Interesting that it is so cold - what is the elevation?

  2. The GPS says it is 2500 meters. What a great area some day may be you will get here.