Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Finally on the road again

The last pictures of Xpu Ha. I was sick of all the weeds blowing up on the beach. Every day was another pile of them.

Up to the knee 

Peggy the beach model. Going to miss you Peggy.

I was so board I made a flower garden.

Last picture of this great beach

So we moved down to Yax Ha its in Chetumal.

Lara so excited making orange juice see the size of that bag I told her she had to squeeze them all by the end of today. 

The big discussion how much Vodka to put in the orange juice.

this is the entrance to the park.

The campground has about a dozen canons facing out so I guess we well not be invaded.

Tomorrow we are heading into Belize we are leaving the RV here and just driving the Tracker. There are a bunch of ruins the girls want to see. Plus we will be making a short trip to Guatemala to see Tikal one of  the biggest ruins any place plus it is one that every one goes to the top of the highest one and watches the sun rise. Every one that has done it says not to miss doing it so I guess i will have to hire some one to wake the girls up to go out at 4am to walk to the top. This should be an adventure plus Lara is all excited about getting 2 more stamps in her passport.


  1. You are really enjoying the good weather, love the pictures. Lotsa vodka would work.

  2. I'm looking forward to the pictures - should be a grand adventure!