Saturday, January 24, 2015


Telcel does not work in Bonampak or Frontera Corozal, and I only have a couple of minutes of internet to use right now.   They use Tigo in  this area.

We found a hotel that allows us to use their internet in the lobby, for 20 pesos per hour.    I've already used up most of that hour and don't have the pictures prepped to upload yet.  

So stay tuned for an update on this post.   It might be tonight, it might not be for another day or two.

Bonampak was amazing.    It was small, but worth the trip.    Most notably are three rooms with vibrant murals in them.   All the surfaces are covered.  

Pictures to come.

We spent the night in Frontera Corozal at the boat launch.    It has been raining all morning, so we will not get to Yaxchilan until perhaps tomorrow, weather permitting.

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