Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today was a day of doing as little as possible. With Brenda sick and me thinking I might be getting my cold back I liked the idea of doing nothing. Lara went to the ruins by herself  said she just loved the jungle and spent most of her time there and at the water falls. I walked around talking to every one.
The 2 small RV on the right are from Germany the other one is people from France.

Both of these are from France.

This one is from California. The wife sprained her ankle and cant walk at all so they are headed to  Cancun to find a place to just sit around till her ankle gets better. I told them to go to Xpu Ha so the little one could play on the beach.

And here we are.

Went up to the back section to see the tents couldn't find any.

One of the cabins doing there laundry have no idea where they are from could not under stand them. So I decided to do our laundry got it ready and drove to town and dropped it off. I think every thing we owned was dirty 18 kilos of dirty clothes.

See how much mud there is here i guess they have had a lot of rain.

Maybe tomorrow we will get out and do some exploring.


  1. Wow! The one from California looks like the bloggers 'A Little Moxie" but they have 3 little ones….. We've alway heard that Mayabell is a European hang out. We decided not to go that far this year - wonder if we'll ever make it now….. thanks for the pics!

    1. That is who it was but I didn't get to talk to them much. The wife had a sprained ankle and she didn't leave the camper I saw her trying to get in the cab and he had to lift her she looked like she was in a lot of pain. I told him to go to Xpu Ha so the kids could ply on the beach while they wait for her ankle to heal I think that is where they were going to go.