Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We left Bonampak and drove to Yaxchilon its about 30 kilometers and good roads. We just parked in the parking lot next to the Registration booth. We talked to them and decided to go the next day early morning. I paid the girl in the booth 50 pesos and she let me plug into her outlet. That night it started to rain and didnt stop all day so we just put off the ruins for another day.So the next day we left at 7 am The ride to them is in these boats it takes an hour to get to them and it was freezing  

The steps up to them was in rough shape they have been washed out from the last time we were here and the new ones were almost washed away to they were just hanging there you did not feel safe walking on them.

We road up to the ruins with a family from BC,This is me and there daughter.

To get into them you have to walk into a building and follow the tunnels or walk ways and it is pitch black. I am glad that our friends were there because they brought some flash lights

This is the entrance.

The first thing we see is these tailless scorpions

And lots of bats

This is the mother and son from BC I will add there names later can't remember right now.

The girls getting there picture with this giant tree

These are one of my favorite ruins well in my top 3.

This is a giant stone maybe 12 feet long or more. it in such great shape they tried to move it but they broke it because they couldn't get any thing to lift it.So they are going to just leave it here.

This place has lots of original stuff not just replicas  

Wish the picture was better this was great the back wall you can still see the colors on the wall.

You should check the blog from 2 years ago when we were here. The boat ride back was still cold.It was just a gloomy day.


  1. We want to do more exploring down in that area so we will keep this post in mind. Thanks!

  2. Funny - that family from B.C. was here in Zihuatanejo at our RV park New Year's Eve - Snow to Sand.