Thursday, January 15, 2015


So today we crossed the border into Belize. It took about an hour to get all the documents and the car bug sprayed. And Lara got another stamp in her passport she's so excited about that. Then about 3.5 hour drive to San Ignacio and we found our lodging at the Parrot nest. Lara picked this place because you can stay in tree houses.
The bridge into town is a floating bridge.

Main street

This is the room we decided to take.

And this is where Lara is going to sleep she has a tent that hangs in a tree. 

Looks comfy 

This is the main building

And the place is on a river in the jungle. Did i say Lara is sleeping out side in a jungle.

Saw a few birds and this little guy

And there is Brenda walking down to the river.

And Lara chilling with a cold one.

This is what they call tree houses.

Tomorrow Brenda and Lara are going to some cave not me i am a chicken lol.


  1. That sort of looks like the place we stayed 15 years ago. The cave is pretty big and open, go with them.

    1. I just looked up my story. it was 1995, 20 years ago and the was the Parrot's Nest. We had a hard time finding it.

  2. Ah're back! Now shush! lol

  3. So why didn't you get one of the cabins up in the trees!!

  4. Looks great! I'm looking forward to your tour …… tell us how Lara makes out sleeping in a tent in the jungle….. yikes!

    1. She loved it she say's she heard a lot of noise but was not scared.