Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back in action

After we were robbed it took us awhile to get back at this.   I now have a new computer.   What a great insurance company we have!!!  Our daughter in law is our broker and she looked after our coverage. I guess she did the right stuff because every thing was replaced, some with a lot better than we had.    

Our camera was nice, but it was a T2i and now we have a T5i.   Brenda tells me it is a sweet camera.   I'll get to try it out when she comes back from her Christmas vacation.  It is two models up, but because the T2i and T3i are discontinued they considered it the replacement model.    The computers are better than the ones we lost because I searched online for a good replacement at a price I felt we could afford.   We got good deals on ebay, and that paid off because the insurance company recognized that we wouldn't have been able to replace exactly what we had for as little as we paid.   We have replaced everything, and the cheque is already in the mail to reimburse us for the entire amount we spent.     Last night was 3 weeks since we were robbed.  Not bad considering both Christmas and New Years were in there, plus Brenda didn't get home until 8 days after the robbery.   Thank you Morgan!   If anyone from Ontario is looking for a new insurance broker, you should keep 20/20 in mind.     They really did a great job for us. 

So my daughter Sara and my granddaughter Kennedy came down for a week and brought me my computer and some other things we were out of  such as peanut butter, coffee, and butter.   You know, the good stuff you can not get here.

They have been spending most of their time at the beach. You know how important a tan is lol. Yesterday I took them to Aventura to see the Dolphins

Could't talk Ken into going in with the dolphins.  For 100 dollars you get to swim with them and they push you around and you get to go in with the Manatees. But no way she would do it. 

Got to see a pelican up close

And the Manatees they looked like they were making Ken says: yuk

Then we stopped and bought Ken a boogey board so the rest of the day was at the beach.

Think she is having fun

This morning it was cloudy so we went to Playa del Carmen.  The girls shopping.

It took forever to get Ken to try this where you put your feet in a tank with small fish and they nibble the skin off your feet like a manicure.    Lara did this before they went back for Christmas, and she loved it!

A little video 

The only way she would do it is if mom did it to.

and then a bit of playing tourist.

Mom got her to pose with santa

and i think she was trying to be the babe in the manger here because she was almost sitting on the little guy.

And i couldnt get her to climb on the horse. What a chicken

The rest of the afternoon they went to the beach.


  1. Looks like you are being a great host, Gerry! The ladies seem to be having a wonderful time.

  2. It's great to have you back! I miss hearing about Xpu-Ha. We're also thrilled that you made out so well with your insurance company. Many people are not so fortunate. Stay well and enjoy the rest of the winter.


  3. So glad all turned out well - I was beginning to worry not seeing a post for so long. Not sure where Brenda is - back in Canada? I would have loved to swim with the dolphins! Nice that you have Sara and Kennedy visiting!

    1. Hi Teresa. Yes, I am in Canada right now. Lara and I are heading back to Mexico tomorrow. I had a lot of do here over the holidays. The insurance claim is completely taken care of now.