Thursday, January 29, 2015

San Cristobel day 3

Today we decided to do a walking tour of town. First we had to go get the license plate back from the Police station it was the same as usual go to this window then to another one than back to the first when he tried to send me away again I just said no aqui so the guy went and got it then said it was 500 pesos I said no way I would give him 200 and he said 300 and we agreed so that was pretty simple. We drove to Centro again and parked on the same street as last time but closer to centro. And walked up the hill to the Church that was about 10 blocks. checked out the church and then looked out over the city nice views but to many trees for a good picture. 

Brenda looking out over the city and she spoted a humming bird but we could not get a picture.

On the way back down to centro we stopped for an early lunch and coffee. This was the neatest coffee maker I have ever seen.

In the coffee shop we got directions to a museum and on the way the girl said we had to go past the market. This was the church in the middle of the market. There was hundreds of vendors around the church they went on for ever and sold every thing.

This was a couple of blocks from the church people were every place selling there goods. And this is where we found that we had the wrong directions but we were only over one street so not bad. Also the girl at the coffee shop said it would be 3 k and we found out from here it would still be over 3 k so we just kept walking. What a booming city this is. 

After that long walk we were here.

The Museum  of Maya Medicine 

They did a real good job for a place with not much money. This made me laugh showing how a Maya woman has a babe. the husband sits on a chair while the woman kneels and the midwife catches the babe.

You could touch any thing it was alright with them.

Then out side the had gardens with a lot of the plants that there medicine is made from. They had a lot of different ones for diarrhea



And for your nerves 

Then they had the drug store.They had a list in English from coughs to sore stomachaches even bad eyes. There was a room where they chopped up the different leaves and had drying racks and pots where they made liquid syrups. There was even a bunch of locals buying different things just like a regular drug store. This was a fun place to see worth the trip to see it.  

Then we were off to the Orchid Botanical Garden. Orquideas Moxviquil  

It is one of the best places to see by Trip Adviser.

They are trying to save the Orchids of Mexico

Every place you look they are growing

And they tell you to touch every one if you want.

They have over 400 different ones.

Every size 

Some were so small that you could hold 10 flowers between your finger tips.

This is one that I have seen before at home

Some so big this flower was about 6 feet long. You see these in a lot of churches they use it for ceremonies  

And all different colors

This is a picture of Genaro nick name B'alam which means guardian of the Jungle. He was our guide at the Orchid garden. He invited us to an Art exhibition. Where he had a bunch of really good pictures he had taken. We got to know him pretty good  he told us about many things he had done and done to him I bought his book and Lara bought a picture. Then he gave us a shot of Posh that's the Mayan moon shine. And that is what his book is about. He wants us to stay for a week so he can take us to see his family but we just got to get going no electricity and way to cold but I am sure it would be a great adventure. We had a good time getting to know him.

This is the book 

We got back to the car and no ticket so I guess it was a good day. We walked way over 10 kilometers And did I say we all had soar butts and soar legs from the Horse back riding yesterday. Well there sure was a lot of talk about Butts today. 


  1. We loved San Cristobel, especially that church by the market. We bought our grandson Cameron and lovely top from the market. They have great prices there, some of the best we have seen in Mexico.

  2. We were surprised at how low the prices were.