Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roberto Barrios

Today was a fun day Lara heard about this place called Roberto Barrios its like La Cascads de Agua Azul. It has a lot of water falls with a bunch of pools you can swim in. The difference with this place and Agua Azul is it is not known by many people. So off we went to find it its 17 kil. back in the jungle and you can see by the way the road is growing over with vegetation its not a well traveled road. 

After we found it and paid some gut 60 pesos we followed the trail into the bush and this is the first thing we came to right then we knew we were in for a treat.

The first waterfall the girls got to walk under.

It was a beautiful place.

We had these 2 little bandits leading us down the trail every water fall we came to they asked for money and said that this was the end.  I gave them 10 pesos and they took off.

Lara couldn't wait to get in the pools 

Came across a few other people.

The locals doing laundry

And bath day to 

This local guy came along and lead Lara off. First had her jump off a water fall.

It did take about 5 minutes to get the courage up to do it.

Helping her back up the waterfall you could just walk right up some of them well he knew where to walk.

Brenda watching thinking she might have to jump in and save Lara.

There is my girl laying down on the

Then he just started leading Lara all over the place.

She was loving every minute of it what an adventure for her.

Look I was there 

The guy lead Lara off into the jungle on the other side of the stream to another part of the river. He said he would take her up the river another way. They were gone for some time and then they came out right where he said they would.

Then he took her in a cave under the falls

We have hundreds of pictures of this day its so hard picking what ones to put on her.


  1. WoW! What a find! Those are amazing shots - what a waterfall! So glad for you guys - and Lara! How brave! Her own guided tour - lucky her!

  2. Brenda must be feeling better, looks like a great time. What are the GPS coordinates for the falls or the turn off the road?

  3. Wow! What a fabulous place! Good job, Lara, on finding it! Looks like lots of fun!!!!! Helen