Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We are back in Palenque. It was a long drive 480 k. We left at 9 am and arived here at 2 pm and only stopped for gas. We ran into a road block right at the turn off for Palenque we were 1.5 k from the turn in stopped traffic we sat for about 10 minutes and then I just pulled into the on coming traffic and drove to the turn off. All the on coming traffic just pulled off the side of the road so we could get threw. I talked to another person that sat in the traffic and it took them 2 hours to go that 1.5 k so it sure pays off to drive like a Mexican. We are back at Maya bell we were here before Christmas. This time we are going to see all the spots that we missed last time. Brenda is sick again so might have to sit here for a couple of days. They have had a lot of rain the park is a mud hole and there are a lot of campers here. hope not many more show up because they are going to have to park in the drive way. 2 other campers from Xpu Ha are here to they came yesterday also have not asked what they have been up to. So as soon as we do some thing I will post again.

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