Friday, February 13, 2015

Puerto Escondido

Sorry no blog for the last few days I have been way to sick. One of my 3 day migraines and even today I still feel like crap. And there was no way to get the girls to blog I think they are just lazy. This is where we are parked we tried to get in the one that can hold bigger RV but there was no way we could get in the ditch was way to deep. So we went down to the beach and were going to park on the beach road but then we found this place where they said we would never fit. The Cabanas El Eden The drive in only left about 2 inches on each side of the RV and we had to park side ways on the lot but we are very happy with it here. It is right across the road from the beach. The bars are a bit loud at night but I can live with that.

The beach is long and wide.

Some rocks at the one end.

Today Lara took a surfing lesson today fun to watch she was good while she was still on the sand.

And look who is standing up.

And doing the dive

And another dive lol

A couple of videos for your enjoyment.

I will  try to keep up from now on as long as I feel good.

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